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Long weekend setting stones

We have a long weekend up here in Ontario, Canada. I’m now setting
112, .05 point Princess diamonds into a Channel-set, Eternity band. In
case I run short of bud-burs over this weekend, I’m going to stock
up with #006 #007, #008 burs. Hate to be scrounging for odd shaped
burs if I run into trouble. All of these stones are of different
weights, depths, and widths, just like jig-saw puzzle!

This band is 18karat gold (steel),Titanium seems softer:>) It’s not
difficult to set, but a real setters challenge!!

The moral of this letter is; always keep a good supply of tools and
burs at your bench. If it costs you more at buying time, it’ll be
cheaper if you have them at your bench, right?