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[London] Looking for Jewelry School

Hi all,

I have a great employee that is moving to the London area in the
fall and I would like to help her get a jump start on where to start
looking for some great jewelry training. She’s personable, creative,
bright and resourceful and has an interest in learning how to make
jewelry. If you are someone who needs help in your jewelry store I
would recommend her any day. If I could ball and chain her to stay
with me and not get married, I’d do it in a second!

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Thank you,
Mary Ann Archer

Mary Ann Archer,

Hello, my name is James Miller, I am an English Goldsmith and I read
the Orchid Digest daily. I am semi retired now so I have plenty of
time on my hands. You ask about jewelery schools in the London
area. If you tell your friend to check out this website it names
most of the decent schools and colleges that offer courses in
jewellery and silversmithing. It depends on where your friend will
be living as to where she might like to attend. This list covers
most of the UK.

See 3 pages of my work on the orchid gallery if you are interested

Best regards James