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London chainmaille, wire wrapping?

My daughter leaves to study for a year in London in two weeks. She
has been my partner for a number of years, and does chainmaille and
wire wrapping. She would love to be able to do some while in England
if time permits, but there is no way we can send her through customs
with silver jump rings and wire :wink: not to mention the added weight.
Does anyone in the area know of any workshops in London that would
offer supplies, or classes, or workspace? She can carry her pliers
in her checked luggage…

Her housing is in Hamstead, and her classes will be at King’s
College at the Strand campus.


Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

If she wants to get together with chainmaillers in London I
recommend a post on both the Maille Artisans and The Ring Lord

Chainmaille sites in London include a set of 4 massive chainmail
curtains hanging in the Tower of London gift shop hand made in Canada
by The Ring Lord.

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail

Try looking at an online jewellery newsletter for the UK, called

They have listings for jobs, tools, bench space…etc, and most of
it is around London.