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[Lokking 4] Used faceting machine

Wanted: used faceting machine.

I’ve been doing the precision cuts by hand, and am able to hold
0.0005" rolerance, but it is time consuming.

Prefer ultratec IV, or graves.

mark Zirinsky
Denver, Colorado

Mark Zirinsky

Mark ! What have you been cutting to a .0005 hand and how are
you checking it and with what ? I am a retired Toolmaker and Gage maker
and worked in the .ooooo but not in my rock shop. i also do Faceting
and have sence 1954. Try Ebay there is several facet machines on there
that belong to guys on Faceter Digest. Bill D. in the backwoods of east

Holding 1/2 of a thousandth of an inch may sound impressive, buy with
some time, a good calipers and an optivisor it is not too hard to do.
Did a geometrically perfect hexagon out of lapis, just to see if I
could do it, a double sided cab wth a full curve on both sides and an
almost undetectable meeting line.

Overall, took about 2-1/2 hours in 3 sessions. By hand, no jigs.

Hey, if you can’t turn out a perfect stone every once in a while for
fun, after 25 years of cutting,

Mark Zirinsky
Denver, CO


Mark Zirinsky
5390 E 39th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80207
1-303-393-1482 (fax)