Locating source for Druzey Quartz

I am trying to locate and purchase two 25mm round druzy quartz cabs,
which match with some approximation, I want to set them in Sterling
Silver earrings. Would like to hear from anyone who is or knows a
source. Thanks @d4pach

Hi, I do sell druzy including calibrated and custom cut druzies.
Price depends on the color, material, size, shape etc. If you are
interested in a price quote please email me offline with the specifics
in color you are looking for.

Diane Sadel
coming very soon: http://www.sweetgemstones.com
still closing: http://www.jdfindings.com

Try MAXAM MAGNATA in AZ or NM (?) I can’t find his info right now. I
met him in Tuscon a few years ago. He specializes in this.
Honorable to my knowledge.

You won.t be disappointed with the quality and variety of Druzy (and
other stones) from jdfindings. Diane’s stuff is top notch…

Gary Dirks
Janine’s Jewelry
Redding, Ca.

Peter Acheson of IX Designs cuts Druzeys and has quite a nice
selection. His number is (518) 672-4054…sorry, but I don’t have any email for him.

Try Maxam Magnata, 800 639-4367. They carry a wonderful line of
various types and colors of drusy such as my favorite, the uvarovite
garnet drusy that is a vibrant green. I have also bought the black
drusy from them in various shapes. I found them to be top of the line
in both quality of their drusy, and in their service.
–Barbara Bequette

Try Rare Earth Mining Company, Inc. in Trumbull Ct. Phone is
203-378-8672; e-mail is b9249@aol.com - ask for Bill. He has drusy
that is absolutely beautiful as well as other stones that are rare
and beautiful. He is a great person to deal with. He was just at
our show in Baltimore and as usual, I indulged and got some beautiful
stones. I am sure he can help you find what you are looking for.

Iris in Baltimore