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Local Metal suppliers in WA

Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there new of good places to get
scrap metal/new metal in the Seattle area. The problem being that most
places I’ve found tend to have Mon-Fri 8-5 hours, which are the hours
that I work–and being without an automobile it would be difficult to
do on my lunch hour (plus I don’t think the hospital would be too
happy with me lugging two dozen copper rods through the ER). I’m
looking for mostly rod (less than 3/4" thick) and sheet (around 1/4")
for human-sized sculptures (not jewelry–yet); preferably copper.
Scrap and unusual pieces would be nice, as well, but I definitely
would like to find a source of good-clean-fresh-off-the-rolls steel
and copper that I could pick up on the weekends or evenings.
Thanks in advance!

Try pacific iron and metal or Alaska copper works.