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Local jewelry repair

I am still in the learning stage and have not gotten my skill level
up yet. Susan and I need a local jeweler who does repair work. So
far our attempts have left us with horror stories. Thanks.

Rick and Susan
Wendell, NC

If you want to contact me, I will do your repairs. I have moved my
business to South florida and have kept all my Ohio and Indiana
accounts that mailed to me anyway. They said, to them it was just a
change of address and they still get overnight service when they send
out or get product back. I have had them all for 13 yrs. or so and
have a great business with them. I would be glad to help you out.

Steve Arista Designs LLC 419-561-0106

Can’t remember exactly where Wendell is, but David Phelps in Durham,
NC is excellent and a member of this list. His company used to be
called Precision Platinum, it is now John David Jewelers. I can’t
get either web site to work at the moment, but maybe David will see
your post and respond.

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio