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Liver of sulphur problems

Have been using Liver of Sulphur for ages to oxidize work that is
made with SS and 22k gold. Have never had any problems. Made a SS
bracelet with 22k granulation that I oxidized but for some reason my
22k keeps getting brownish looking spots. Have reheated the piece to
remove the spots but then the oxidation is damaged. Each time I try
to oxidize again the same thing happens. This has never happened
before and was wondering if anyone has any idea’s as to how to keep
my gold clean. I alloy my own 22k so I don’t think it can be the
metal. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jill Hurant

Make sure you are using Boric acid and denatured alcohol before you
heat the piece. Hopefully you are already doing this.

Good luck,

Despite what you read in the papers one can deliberately darkened
the color of 18K royal gold with LOS. It gets like you describe
except its evenly colored. Its because royal contain silver. I’d look
carefully at your alloy, maybe something happened accidentally.

To save your piece you could stop off before LOS, then strip the