Liver of sulphur on earrings and ear wires


When applying patina to sterling earrings, what is your experience
with the ear wires? Do you also color the ear wires?

I have been doing this and the earrings do not seem to pose a
problem with irritation. I am using liver of sulphur vs. silver

My thought pattern is that if oxidized rings and necklaces do not
bother the wearer’s skin, the ear wires hopefully be okay as well?


Hi Chris,

I use LOS as well and have never had a problem. I make sure I give
them a good wipe down with a rouge cloth and clean them with soap &
water and a quick pass under the steamer a good distance from the
nozzle. So far no problem. Some people are overly sensitive and these
people usually only wear gold or platinum.

God Luck!!

Chris, I would not patina the ear wires since most people looking to
buy would not have seen ear wires patina’d and may object. Also I
would not want to risk a return if they did irritate the buyers
ears. Ear wires are a sensitive issue and lots of odd allergies occur
even when the metal is non allergic. I usually provide what ever the
wearer wants with out trying to convince them that what I have on
the earring will work for them.

My two cents.
Sam Patania