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Liver of sulphur in Mexico

I’m trying to buy liver of sulphur in Mexico. Apparently it doesn’t
translate from English to Spanish literally. None of my Mexican
jewelry contacts knows what it is. Can anyone help me figure out what
to ask for to get either the traditional or the new jell form of
liver of sulphur in Latin America and Mexico specifically.

Dick Stromberg

Liver of Sulphur is not a correct chemical term, just a name.
Potassium pyrosulphide is what it is, some chemist might make it up.
Some people use hard boiled egg for light oxidation.


Have tried the Stuller Service Center? I have David on this. Maybe
he can help.

A thanks to all who replied and a special thank-you to David of
Medina of the Stuller Store in Guadalajara for being the first to

& just when was the last time you went into a jewelry supply house &
asked for potassium pyrosulphide? The yoke’s on you…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

In spanish it is called Sulfuro de Potasio and you can find it with
any chemist supplier in Mexico City’s Centro.