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Liver of sulpher (was: More questions)


can’t help you with the loops…but I mix a tiny piece of liver
of sulpher with a tablespoon of water. This makes a solution
that you paint on the silver. I’t’s best if the silver or the
solution is warm. I heat the silver slightly by laying it on a
piece of metal that sits atop a warm crockpot, or I have used a
piece of aluminum foil atop a hot plate. You just want it warm,
not glowing hot. i paint the stuff on with a brush or a q
tip…some people like to dip a piece entirely. I don’t believe
it will work on gold, however. You’d have to coat the gold with
copper first, then buff off the high areas. There are other
solutions they usually use for gold. Do keep the liver of
sulpher tightly sealed in a light-proof container- it can go bad
[ turns wierd color and won’t work anymore…] really quick.
good luck

Anne Stickney