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Liver of sulfur on flatware

I’m currently working on a series of spoons which I would like to
oxidize as I do all my products. Can anyone tell me if liver of
sulfur is safe on little tea spoons / sugar spoons / etc.

Thank you in advance,

I can’t comment on the safety aspect of LoS on flatware, but I have
always believed that an LoS finish will eventually polish off on the
high points of wear on a piece simply from the friction of wear -
like on earring hooks and chains for example. Not necessarily
unattractive, but perhaps not the effect required? I have never
tested this belief of mine mark you, but it seems reasonably logical
to me, since a natural patina that comes with age on a worn piece
will sit in the hollows and not on the high points of the piece. I
have never blackened chain and hooks for that reason. So with spoons
and other flatware - unless they are used for display only - would
this not be the case also?


I would imagine that it is no more of a health issue than eating off
of tarnished silver. I use and eat off of sterling. Have most all of
my life.

Often it is tarnished on the eating surfaces like say the egg
stained tines of my forks. I’m not dead yet.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer