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Little torch

Alma, If you are not doing a lot of volume or large objects the little
torch works great.You can buy the propane tanks for a couple of bucks.The
oxygen is more expensive about 8 or 9 bucks.It pays to buy a small
regulator for the oxygen as the small tanks tend to run out quicker than
the propane.I can do large volumes of work with a gauged regulater on the
oxygen and the little torch regulator that has no guages or adjustment on
the propane.A small gauged regulator sells at our jewelry supply store here
for about 75 or 80 bucks It works best to have adjustable regulators on
both tanks though. Regards

J Morley

Coyote Ridge Studio

I bought a “little torch” in 1985. I’m still using it all day every
working day. I started out with oxy-acetelene and then switched to
oxy-propane at the suggestion of a tsk…tsk…tsking “expert” I met
at a jewellery show workshop. I struggled with propane for two years
because I thought the “expert” surely knew better than a dummy like
myself. In 1989 I switched back to acetelyne and my production
increased dramatically. I would never go back to propane. I used to
have problems with soot from the acetelyne but it is no longer a
problem. Open your acetelyne valve and then open your oxygen slightly
before lighting. Experiment a bit and you’ll cut down your soot
problems to nearly zero. I found that the propane was not hot enough
for many of my retipping jobs. Also, the smaller tips were useless
with that fuel. I actually bought two little torches thinking the
dinky little things would wear out in a few years. I now wonder if I
will ever use the spare. Can’t say enough good about the “little

Robert Hood