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Little Torch Tip Can't Come Off, New Torch Suggestions?

Hey, I’m a considerably new hobbyist jeweler and I’ve just come across a very annoying problem with my smith little torch. I’ve mainly used the #3 tip, because the others made black soot come out and decorate my room. For soldering I usually use a map gas benzo torch, but I ran out of fuel so I resorted to the little torch. As I was trying to change the tip with my wrench, it actually unscrewed the bottom part where it connects to the torch handle. Now I’m unable to change tips and it seems like I’m stuck with only using a #3, which can’t get the job done well.

Honestly, I’d almost prefer to replace this torch with something more legit, and use a butane torch for smaller projects. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m trying to be able to melt at least 4 ounces with whatever torch I choose and also anneal thicker wire. I use an Oxy/Acetylene B-tank setup, maybe this should change to something else?


Take a look in the archives and at very recent discussions about your larger questions regarding torches. Regarding the tip, sounds like you are ready to buy another torch anyway so secure the body in a vise. You might wrap it with a piece of innertube to prevent too much damage to the body and see if you can loosen the tip. My advice is to look at a propane and O2 torch using small 1 lb. camp stove propane cylinders and a medical O2 generator. Lots in the archives and a very recent discussion of this topic too…Rob

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hmmm…not sure how to “unstuck” the tip other than carefully and with adequate force (no lub, no oil!)

but i will say that my little torch tips are just “hand tightened”…and screw on and off easily…

i am intrigued by your “soot coming out and decorating my room” comment and am interested to hear comments on why this may be happening…perhaps a simple user adjustment would alleviate this issue?…


Sounds like too rich acyteline soot.

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If you’re using oxy/acetylene and filling up your room with soot or as I call them, “black floaties”. When you light your torch open the oxy valve as well. It’ll take a little practice to get the feel of how much. Turning the torch off turn off the gas first. Acetylene is only dirty when it’s burning w/o oxygen. Takes a little practice to light it w/o soot but worth it. I haven’t had a problem with it in 35+ years.



also, its ok, in a sense, that the torch top “unscrewed” from the handle…it is made to come apart…to change hoses, etc…so you didnt break it or anything…


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