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Little torch set up with LPG gas and compressed oxygen

Hello, I know I am not the first to ask about setting up the little torch, but here I go with a slightly different question. I am transitioning from just using an orca torch to the little torch as I want to get into delft clay casting, and ingot making. I have bought the oxygen and LPG gas regulators, and now I are trying to understand where to start with the Oxygen and LPG gas cylinder set up. I will be ordering a size D - 2.06m³ (20000 kPa) compressed oxygen cylinder, but my question is about the LPG gas tank. What I want to know is; if my current small 3.75kg (WC 5.1lts) LPG gas tank is suitable for the job or do I need to match the size of the oxygen cylinder by purchasing a larger gas cylinder also? Is there a scientific based volume concern or not? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Your current LPG tank should work fine. I’m using a 40 cubic foot (~1100 liter) oxygen tank with a 16.6 fluid ounce ( .49 liter) propane tank with no problems.
– alonzo