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Little Torch(now its YAK)

O.k- I’ve always been kind of interested in this, so I tested
them when I first got them. My brother-in-law does alot of window
tinting for comercial/auto/residential, where UV’s are a big
concern with fading your auto interior, furniture, Etc. He uses a
spectrometer (I think that’s what it’s called) to show the
spectrum of ordinary sunlight. He also has this little thing ( I
have no Idea what it’s called) that turns black when it’s exposed
to UV’s, he uses this thing to demonstrate the effects of the
tinting, and we used it under my glasses, it didn’t turn. He
claims the glasses filter 98% of the UV’s. Who’s to say. These
aren’t “ordinary reading glasses” mind you, The uvenol (or so
they call it) is not a coating, it’s mixed into the plastic, or
polycarbonate. These are self-darkening, impact resistant lenses
made by Tura, not Lenscrafters. The Optometrist I got them from
is my mother. (Note: I did not go to her for this last check-up,
I really did go to a man)


Being blind as a bat (even BEFORE I started working at the bench),
I have contacts with UV protection and glasses with UV protection
in the lenses. I find that when I take them off and observe the
shadow cast in sunlight, it’s noticably darker through my lenses
than I’d expect from clear glass.

On a related note, does anyone have a recommendation for clear
plastic safety goggles that FIT?

Given high cheekbones and a low nose, most glasses leave a huge gap
next to my nose, and that’s inevitably where things fly up to hit
me. Ditto for dusk masks. I’d like to do more than make a show of
protecting my face…


Carlsbad, CA