Little Surprises [Yak]

Just wondering what some of my orchid friends are doing these
days to add little surprises to their pieces?

Hi Virginia, Fun question. For many years, I have stamped a
pattern of falling sticks, or falling stars, or other images onto
the backs of my pieces. The sticks, or whatever, are sparsely
stamped at the top, becoming more heavily collected at the
bottom. It gives the piece the appearance of being a visual
container, catching the fallen images. I also set small,
unobtrusive stones onto the backs of my pieces, and always onto
the backs of rings. Occasionally, parts of my work are
hinged…usually things that you don’t expect, like a stone that
appears set onto a rod…in reality, the stone will slide up and
down the rod…just for fun. Sometimes, part of a brooch is
removeable, and becomes matching earrings. I also will hide
little words and images throughout a piece, that is relevent
only to the collector that has comissioned it. I don’t often
mention the hidden surprises to my customers, but most of them
know to look for them. I’m easily bored, so I do these little
humorous odds and ends, mostly for my own wicked amusement. I
once did a pin in silver and gold, with an oval shaped, watch
interior set at the top, as the main body of the piece, topped by
a dark boulder opal. Attached to the bottom of this oval
watchworks, I soldered on a thin, sinuously forged golden tail.
At the end tip of this tail, I set a bicolored tourmaline carved
into what looked like a small flame, that gave the tail the
appearance of being on fire…(a frequent theme for me). Framing
the top of the piece was a banner stamped in oxidised silver that
read, “Time For A Change”…I hope I’ve given you enough of a
visual…because even though the image was blatant, no one
looking at it really noticed that the piece was in fact, a sperm.
Anyway, those are my surprises. LOL…I don’t make jewelry, so
much as I make comments in metal and stones. Can’t wait to hear
what others do.

Lisa,(too much wood on the fire, feels like a sauna in here!), Topanga, CA USA