Little smith torch

Hey orchidonians (or whatever)

I have a smith little torch set up for oxy/Acet. and the o-rings are

I called Smith, and they don’t have any for sale (at least not to
individuals) but they did give me a part number of 7348 and that one
of the typical gas houses would be able to supply such.

Smith suggested a few names, one of them I know to be local, General
Air. Turns out, however, GA does carry such after all.

I was wondering if there is a way to jimmy it with a silicone
sealant or something. (I know this could get hairy, thus my question

Just wondering if there is a way around the o-rings.

Christopher Lund

I suggest that you get a proper part. If you are in the Boston area,
try Igo or write directly to the company

john fong

buy an assortment box of O-rings, should be able to match 1… don’t
try & use silicone caulk, you’ll just gum things up…


The last time I needed an unusual O-ring, I took the part to the
local auto supply store. They have an amazing variety of O-rings and
that includes heat-resistant materials. Check it out. BTW, I was
needing an O-ring for a bread machine, and promised the part guy a
loaf of fresh-baked bread if he could find the right part. Yup. He
got the fresh-baked bread!

Judy in Kansas, who is enjoying a superb sunset on the California
coast. What! Can’t a person take a little vacation???

I would say don’t half ass an o ring. Silicone can act like a glue.
You can get o rings at hardware stores and farm implement places.
Take the old one with you or the torch. There is a ton of different
sizes and thicknesses also so if you have the old one it is best. Go
to a real hardware store though not Menards or home depot.

Strangely; with the troubles I have had trying to locate these small
o-rings that can take Acetylene, I contacted Smith again. And they
said that there are no o-rings at that location.

I did buy my torch used, it is actually an older Tescom model, which
is the old name of Smith. It has the same model number as the
current ones.

So, either they had 0-rings back then, or it was modified.

I did check the local hardware store, and they did not have one
small enough either (it wasn’t a Home Depot)

I guess I will try to connect it without the rings to see if it
leaks. If it does, I have a little challenge on my hands.

Thanks All!
Christopher Lund

hey Lund

i have the Tescom mini torch i have had it since 1983, tried to
figure out where the O rings are, or go, I do not see any, where did
you say yours were located in the handle or? I do have an industrial
O ring/belt maker and supplier, I can give you the name /order on
line, but I don’t think you need it, now that the smith company has
said that I am a little clearer. if you need more help email me off
list. Hratch

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Mr. Lund,

You should be able to purchase a huge variety of O-Rings, including
the ones designed for your torch from several places.

My first suggestion would be for you to check your Yellow Pages for
a “Parker-Hannifin” dealer/distributor and give them a call. They
may be listed under “Hydraulics"or"Hoses.” Parker-Hannifin is one of
the largest manufacturers of all types of O-Rings. The dealer can
definitely measure and checkfor material compounds usable on torches

  • he may balk a little in giving you his time to research as he’ll
    figure you are not likely to buy a few thousand O-Rings but he can
    definitely provide you with the correct answers.

Secondly. I would suggest you go back to the Yellow Pages and look
for the names and numbers of gas suppliers like Ugite or Airco -
there are tons in every locality that house shops that do any
welding. They also should be able to help you figure out the proper
size and compound of the O-Rings you need.

A brief caution - it is very important for you to get the proper
size for your torches as well as the proper compound for the gas you
are using. Failure to do so could be catastrophic. Hope this helps.

Bob A. DeMarcki