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Lite Dome Tent Co?

Hello Orchidians,

I was hoping someone might know something about Lite Dome Tent
Company that produce “Pro Panels.” I’m searching for a friend that
needs these for a trade show and she has had problems finding them on
any search engine. She saw them at a booth at the Sausalito Art Fest.
last week and is anxious to find them for her show in Oct. If someone
needs more info about the physical description, I’ll get it from her.
Any info is appreciated!

Much thanks, Rebecca.


Searching on AltaVista, I was able to find references to a
light-dome, manufactured by a company called Creative Energies in
Florida. Here’s a phone number to try: 1-800-351-8889.

These are the URL’s of the two references:

Christine, in Littleton, MA, USA, where we are enjoying warm and
sunny late summer weather.

Pro Panels are made by MD Enterprises. The address is Pro Panels
9738 B Abernathy Dallas, TX 75220. They take about 4 weeks to fill
orders. Terri