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Liquidating an enameling/silversmithing studio


Over the past year, I have developed a loss of vision in my right eye
that is not correctable. I am going to discontinue enameling and
silversmith work. I have extensive supplies and tools that I need to
liquidate. Does anyone have any suggestions about that best

J. Sue Ellington


I have gotten a number of emails asking what I have in my studio. I
will be glad to ship anything I have that you need. I am just
beginning to get up the nerve to decide to sell things, so I don’t
have a formal list yet. Just off the top of my head:

faceted stones: topaz of different colors, amethyst, golden
citrine, sapphires, garnet, peridot, and others a few cabochons
like onyx, garnet, topaz and others | leaded Ninomiya enamels |
enamel lusters | Klyrfire | glass brush | enameling instruments
and tweezers | fine silver and cloisonne wire | sterling silver
sheet | sterling faceted settings | 3M bristle polishing disks |
polishing compounds | Cupronil flux | Stop-ox | setting burrs |
round burrs | diamond polishing tools and drill bits | carbide
drill bits | vibrating tumbler, shot, and ceramic tumbling
medium, burnishing liquid, etc. | Little Torch | Kiln-top
loading and/or front loading (I will supply more particulars to
anyone interested). | Enameling foils--gold and silver |
Enameling decals | leather cording | findings of different kinds
| pliers, burnishers, hammers, etc. | enameling and
silversmithing books | 

If there is something specific you are looking for, email me. If you
let me know where you can get a new item for the best price, I would
ask 50% to 75% of that price, depending on the quantity the person
wanted to buy. I would expect buyer to pay the exact cost of
shipping, no more, and I would try to find the best option. I would
also expect buyer to pay for insurance, but I use ParcelPro and the
rates are really,really low.

Call me if you want to. It may be easier than emailing back and
forth if you have a lot of questions.

[Edit] Please respond off-line [/Edit]

Janie S Ellington


I have my list of chains made up. Anyone who is interested, please
email and I will send the list with terms.

J. Sue Ellington


Please contact Janie offline at



I have my list of gold settings for faceted stones. I am offering a
25% discount if someone buys the lot. If no one wants the lot, I’ll
give a 15% discount on individual settings.

Email if you want to see the list.

J. Sue Ellington
432-557-8785 (after 8 am and before 8 pm CST please)


I have some 14k, 18k, and 22k yellow gold products including wire,
sheet, solder (I have a separate list for gold settings).

I have done the best my intelligence will allow me to measure and
figure exact current cost if purchased from Rio Grande. When I was in
doubt, I erred in the favor of the purchaser. I figured the total
pennyweights of gold and figured that Rio would give an approximate
$33.35 discount based on that. I also threw in at no charge some free
14k yellow chip solder that I had no way of weighing and 1.5 inches
of yellow gold bezel that I am unsure of the karat of plus the uneven
edges that were hard to measure on a sheet.

I have a list of a bunch of odds and ends: sterling findings, cords,
bolo slides, and some other things. You might find something you
need. I am offering deep discounts on these odds and ends–57% if you
buy all, down to 25% for any one item. I will have another list of
assorted items later, but I didn’t want this one to be unmanageable
so I stopped.

To anyone who wants the whole lot, I am offering the total minus the
pennyweight discount minus another 20%. Email if you want this list.

J. Sue Ellington


I have the following items listed that have not sold: hammers,
packaging, chains, odds and ends (including silver findings, leather
and rubber cord, nickel pin backs, crystals, a few cabs, etc.)

Still to come will be lists for: books, Cloud Dome and accessories,
burrs, bits, polishing tools, among other things.

If you would like to see a list, I will send you a folder with all
current lists. Please, please, contact me directly at:
[jsueellington at gmail dot com]

I will probably not be able to process any sales until Monday (July,
19) because I will be out of town Thursday (16th) and Friday (17th).
I may be able to respond to emails by Saturday, but I won’t get a
chance to pack and ship before Monday.

J. Sue Ellington