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Links for bracelets?

I have been trying for months to find a supplier whole sells links
that are double ended so they can be linked together to make
bracelets. I want to set my own stones etc. I have found not one
company that sells anything other than wrap tights or snap tights.
I’m talking about real links. Any shapes,sizes I don’t care. I just
don’t see how people can buy bracelets if the links to make them
don’t exsist. And I’m sure that everyone who makes them does not do
their own casting. I’m a beader trying to expand. I like marcasite
bracelets that have stones and would very much like to make some
to sell and for myself. Any ideas?

Tripp’s has bracelet links in silver and 14k, in several styles, and
for various shapes of stones, faceted and cab. Their number is

Janet Kofoed

Cathryn Berry, This is where you improvise. Buy a chain and separate
at the inch size you wish to insert a stone, make your own connecting
links by winding wire around a dowel and cutting off individual rings.
Picture 3 inches of purchased chain, two constructed round links, your
stone, two links, the chain section, two connectors and clasp, average
bracelet is 7 inches, adjust your chain sections as needed.

Next time you are at a show look for a chain dealer, or now look in
catalogs or Lapidary Journal for chain dealers. Haunt second hand or
thrift shops as well as antique stores and garage sales. Buy every
piece of Marcasite jewelry you find and think separate and recombine.

The beauty is yours will not look the same as the next one. I began
in beads, wanted mine to be different and studied silversmithing and
lapidary. Now I use all three and am into chain making. There is
another alternative, wire. There is a wonderful publication “Wire
Artist” also a website, take a look there and see how wire and stones
are used in bracelets as well as many other worn art.

Hope this helps,