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Lindsay Air Graver

I just unpacked a Lindsay Airgraver. It is a piece of art. Hopefully, it will help me produce pieces of art…Rob


Nice! Which model did you get? I’ll be following this closely.
– alonzo




Does anyone have any guidance on the ergonomics of an engraving bench. I will be using a GRS standard ball but I won’t be using a microscope for the foreseeable future. Thanks…Rob

Hi Rob,
As to the ergonomics, I have no experience and would say to make it a comfortable height for using gravers…you might want those pull out arm rests that you see on some jewelry benches or some other way to steady your forearms, I suppose. Pad the armrests? Take into account the height of any engraving ball or attachment you are going to use.

I know from reading your contributions here that you are a bit of a tool junkie (like all of us, I guess), so I am surprised that a microscope is not on your radar. I got a used American Optical 7-45X zoom and a boom stand a while back and I can tell you that the level of detail that you can see is just amazing! As an example, I got a cheap set of 1/8" Chinese stamps off Ebay and I have been able to refine, rework and recarve them easily with the 'scope. It’s no trouble at all to see five or six dots across the face of the stamp and refine these, etc. There are some Youtube videos of diamond setters using these…I think they are from a diamond setting school over in the Netherlands…that show what can be done with a ‘scope, an engraving ball and one of the air gravers. It’s amazing work…just sayin’…-royjohn

Rob, if you go on site they sell benches for resting your forearms. TIRA MITCHELL Cherry Setters and Engravers Workbench


Congrats on the Lindsay Air Graver! About 10 years ago I was having problems with my achilles heel, and general jewelers fatigue. I was doing all my diamond and color stone setting and thought I’d look into powered gravers, but I was hesitant to go with the foot pedal GRS gravers because of my heel. So I went with the Lindsay Air Graver, even though it was more expense. I feel like it’s one of the best tool investments I’ve ever made! That and a bench microscope.

If you decide to use your old bench, or go with a jewelers bench, GRS does make a bench pin system that makes it smooth for engraving. GRS® Engraver’s Vise Shelf, along with the other parts of their system ( you can choose what works for you) can be interchanged easily.

One of the things I would recommend if you didn’t buy it, is Lindsay’s sharpening templets. They work.


Some of my work

I have the Lindsay universal templet and a set of Lindsay diamond blocks and they all work great. I do have a number of different diamond laps in my lapidary shop and they move the cut down of a new graver along quicker than the Lindsay blocks. My son and I spent some time today trying out different bench and chair heights. I think that I have a combination of dimensions that I can use to build an engraving bench. The real chore has been locating my compressor where it won’t blow out my eardrums, but still be close enough to serve the airgraver regulator. My shop is always a work in process, so I suspect that a year from now it will look very different. Thanks all for your input…Rob


i would start with sitting comfortably in a good chair, with both feet on the floor

then adjust the height of the ball after, depending on the focal distance of optivisor used

you could get a grs dovetail for the bench

then a grs slide and lock fixture, which has another dovetail(s), which allows you to adjust the height of the dovetail

then attach a vise shelf to the dovetail

this setup would allow you to adjust the height of the ball vise (within the range of the slide and lock)

just a dovetail. and vise shelf

grs also has a satellite work stand that looks amazing.
i imagine it can be used for repousse as well.
(you are lucky, as your studio is large and could easily accomodate this)

oh, i just saw that you are building an engraving bench! even better! lucky you!
the downside to the vise shelf is that when small melees fall, they end up on the floor…

lastly, re: graver sharpening, may i suggest the grs powerhone and sharpening fixture…my life changed after i got one…a well sharpened/ polished graver cuts like butter! i have no experience with the lindsay sharoening system so i am not comparing…


Hey Rob,
Of course, Lindsay’s site has various options for a quiet air compressor and almost any one will work, since it takes so little air. I long ago got rid of my loud buzzing Chinese vibrator compressor in favor of an older piston style compressor, the kind that takes oil. They are pretty quiet and the five gallon ones can usually be found in a pawn shop for about $150…and they last forever, which can’t be said of the oil-less types. They have the capacity for just about anything you would do in your shop, if needed. Do yourself a favor and sell the old vibrator compressor and get into something quieter to soothe your creative muse…-royjohn