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Lime Sulphur?

Ahh, but Marilyn…there is something far better than liver of
sulphur to tarnish silver…try KODAK TONER…this great liquid
makes silver a beautiful dark gray with the first pass ( heat the
silver a little) and gets progressively darker with each
application. It does not smell like cat droppings and is readily
available. enjoy

Jurgen J. Maerz

Thanks, Jurgen.

Thats a new idea for me! It occurs to me as well, that the
print toners come in several types, sepia, Platinum, and others
too, I think. Similar chemistry, which might all have
interesting reactions with silver. worth a try. Which version
of the print toner were you referring to, by the way? Do you
happen to know the chemistry of the developed color on silver?

Peter Rowe