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Has anyone every heard of this “lilapite” supposedly it came
from Russia. I think the correct stone is lapidolite. thanks

Got some leopidolite from New Mexico… have not seen any from
Russia although it occurs with muscovite, sounds kinda Russian to
me. the first is pink, the latter candy purple… ringman

the first is pink, the latter candy purple 

Muscovite is “supposed” to be clear/silvery, possibly slightly
golden (biotite is black-brown). Lepidolite is lavender-silver,
maybe pinkish. And I ran into some silvery-green stuff in South
Dakota that was supposedly lepidolite (according to Prof. Jack
Redden, the local expert). Muscovite is a potassium mica,
lepidolite contains lithium, and may form itself into balls.
Biotite contains iron (and maybe magnesium…?) The mineralogy
classes were back when the Earth was young…

M. R. Fletcher

Lepidolite occurs throughout the world and is nearly always
associated with lithium pegmatite deposits. There is a large deposit
in Pala, CA. and it is a very common associate of gem deposits in
Brazil, Africa, Pakistan, etc. etc. The color range is from pinkish
white to deep purple and the texture may be schistose to coarsely
crystalline with broad micaceous plates. In is an important
indicator of the probability of gem deposits containing beryl,
tourmaline, topaz, kunzite and garnet. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

Another note, Lepidolite, I was told many years ago that Lithium is
produced from this stone. It’s said (the stone) has a calming
effect, according to some.

Sharon Perdasofpy

I have seen lepidolite from South Dakota which is a silvery liliac
color and have a small half ball about hte size of a dime . To be
used in Jewelry the mica must be insome other matrix, by itself mica
is too platey with thin sections.

Dan Wellman