Like argueing religion or politics. [Was: vacuum]

Actually to add my two cents, when you vacuum cast your just
taking the air thats in the flask out so the molten metal can
flow freely into the mold. I don’t know where someone got the
idea that you use the bell jar to cast, but it don’t work that
way. I’ve been using a vacuum caster from the cheap little vac
pump hooked to a hose and a plate with a hole in it to High
dollar Inresa unit with the argon cover gas and the works. It’s
the end of the 90’s and we’re heading into the future at a fast
pace vacuum assited casting is hear to stay. The person using the
equipment is the one weak link most of the time. Gravity is still
one of the main variables in Vacuum casting. If you don’t believe
me , hey go find a good book and READ…

                                                         Good Luck

and Keep’em shiny.

Matt the Catt…