Lightings solutions for trade shows?

Can anyone recommend lighting solutions or companies who sell them
for people doing craft/jewelry trade shows? I managed to get an
extremely good buy on display cases this weekend, and will need to
look into other supplier for setting up to sell at such
markets/shows. Tables and table clothes and such are easy, but what
kinds of lights are good to use? I don’t have the budget to buy very
expensive lighting…but something that will show off jewelry and
gems well and is easy to transport and set up. What are halogen
spotlights running these days?


Can anyone recommend lighting solutions

Home Depot carries a kit that has three 12 volt halygen track
lights, transformer, and track on sale for $34.95. The track is
rolled up and attaches with foam tape. You have to work with the
track a bit to get it unrolled. I bought one for my studio and
bought another one for my kitchen because it was so easy to install.
I’m planning on getting another for my show lights and make a light
bar out of 2x2 lumber to mount it on.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Home Depot carries a kit that has three 12 volt halygen track
lights, transformer, and track on sale for $34.95. 

I set one up in a display case at the school I worked at. Very very
easy to work with.


I’m thinking more for portable solutions I can take to craft/jewelry
shows…but I’m guessing Halogen is the lighting of choice these


Jeanne - For lighting outside the cases, go to your local home
improvement store - Home Depot is where I found them. Buy the track
lights with 3 halogen bulbs and buy the plug in adapter for the
track. About a year ago, the track and 3 lights were $50 or 60 and
the adapter was $10. I use electrical ties to attach the strip to the
tent frame. My sister uses propanels in her booth and ties the lights
to the stabilizer bars. Incidently, Lowes did not carry these
inexpensive lights.

For lights inside your cases, look in Lapidary Journal or one of the
craft magazines for ads. When I was using aluminum collapsable cases,
I found little light strips that pressure fit inside the cases with
small halogen lights.

And welcome to the US! Good luck with shows.

Judy Hoch

Finally found the card that I was looking for. I, too, use track
lighting in my booth for trade shows. Easy to hang and light to
travel with.

At the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this year, a gentleman talked to
me about new bulbs. My silver always seems yellow under the Halogens.
At ACC, Philip Bradfield from Trailored Lighting talked to me about
the SoLix lights ( I thought I would give them a try,
and exchanged all my bulbs at the end of the day… The next day, I
bought 10 more!! The difference was amazing… I am not an employee or
do I receive anything for this endorsement, but not only was my
silver bright but white! And I, in my old age, could see better too!

My 2 cents
Joan Dulla

You can try eastern lighting… very cool stuff…

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