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Lighting for digital set up

Hello all, I have used a professional photographer for commercial
production work and have been very pleased . The cost of
professional photography is prohibitive for documenting one of a
kind pieces .I am looking to take decent images to send off to
customers and potential and existing galleries to show recent work.
I have a Canon A40 2 megapixel and we are not real pleased with the
results. I don’t have the $ to update the camera to a higher
magapixal at this time. Hope to in the future. Does anyone have an
inexpensive lighting set up?? The more specific you can be the
better , as in supply sources and componants for the set up etc…
Thankyou in advance!!


I really recommend a visit to:

The info there has made a real difference in the results I get.

Best of luck,

Vera Battemarco