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Lighter-weight hoses for Meco Midget torch?

Hi all.

As a result of the thread on this subject, I finally bought a Meco
Midget and I like it very much. However, I sure wish it was as
maneuverable as a Little Torch. Dragging those long heavy hoses
makes it difficult to easily turn the torch 180 degrees for heating
at different angles. Someone should invent some kind of swivel
fitting to facilitate this. And apparently there are no
lighter-weight hoses available.

Has anyone devised a fix for this problem?


Allan Mason

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What hoses are you using? There are choices.

A friend of mine, a goldsmith with many years experience, uses the
clear plastic tubing available in most any hardware store. I’m sure
thaere are many who will be totally freaked out by this probable
transgression of tons of rules, regulations, laws and edicts
forced on us by a host of benevolent, paternal government entities,
but it has worked for this person for a long time. :sunglasses:

Jerry in Kodiak


What about this set of hoses from

ULTRA Lightweight Hose:

This black twinlead “leader” hose is the lightest twinlead hose
available. When used with the Meco Midget, the total "in-hand"
weight is a mere 8oz.! Exclusive, special and available only from TM
Technologies. 9 foot length with size =93A=94 ends…$45.00

This is what I’m using and I’m pleased. I think it’s very
comparable to the manueverability of the Little Torch. I don’t
think there’s any swiveling to speak of, but the hoses are not
cumbersome or clumsy.

Lisa Lingo

I think the plastic tubing is just what the doctor orderd for the

Has anyone considered the aircraft grade aluminium braded +
synthetic hoses used in (wait for it…) aircraft? I know some
gentlemen who do custom Harley work use these types of hoses on both
bikes as fuel lines and on their small welding torches. It may be an
option, obviously I’m generalising but there are specialised products
available out there.

Taylor in Toronto

I have been using the clear poly tubing from the hardware store with
my Meco, (using propane and oxy) for years…inexpensive, flexible,
and lightweight. After 5 years, still no problems.

You can use hose clamps to attach them, or if you have a hose
fabricator in the area, they can crimp attachments on to the ends of
them for you. It’s a great way to go.

Karen Olsen Ramsey

Here is one url of a supplier. I don’t know of any others on line,
but there must be some

David Ivens

Hi all. As the result of several member recommendations, I
purchased a set of the Ultra-lightweight hoses from
These things are fantastic!! They are so light and maneuverable
that my torch moves like a Ferrari compared to the stock hoses. I
highly recommend these for anyone frustrated with the standard heavy
red/green hoses available elsewhere.

Allan Mason

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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