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Lighter parts as a sandblaster

I’ve been wanting a beadblaster for ages but in the meantime I have
found other things to texture my metal. My latest find is such a
great finish that I may never get to buying that blaster! I had an
old lighter that I took apart and the wheel that hits the flint looked
like a little round file. So I mounted it on a screw top mandrel and
used it in my flex shaft. What a great uniform finish and it doesnt
seem to have directional lines. Its also very fast and doesnt leave
and pressure tracks that ball burs/diamond wheels do.


Lee: Thanks for sharing the tipon texturing. Now where did I put that
empty lighter??? Frank Goss

Sounds interesting, I will have to try this one. The pattern you
describe sounds very much like what is produced when you use a
"florentine" wheel. If the pattern turns out to be similar, you have
just saved yourself about $30. Good thinking.