Light tent

Ok folks I have found another on the cheap light tent! Go way to the
back of your Home Depot in the area between lights and shelving.
Hopefully you’ll find hanging on the back wall the “Washable
Hamper”(Product #8398597888). This is a white mesh cloths hamper.
It opens to a 22" x 14" x 14" box with an open end. It folds back
up with a twist of the wrist to about 10" x 10" flat.

I’ve had it a month or so and just opened the package yesterday. Now
it is not perfect and will need some modifications. Cut the handles
off. Flip the out side pocket down and open it up to make a front
cover. Cut holes in it where you need them. Probably want to
weld/seal the edges of cuts with a hot soldering iron.

It won’t be good for highly polished pieces. The mesh will reflect
off the surface. Everything else I put it in it looked great. I
think it was under $10. Never close your mind to the possibilities.


PS If you want a jpg of it write

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