Life's Changes


Nothing is as sure as change. For the last two years my wife and I
have been discussing a life change that is one step back in
experience and two steps foreward in opportunity. This past years
experience in retail shows and wholesale shows has provided for us a
stark picture of what the traveling seller has to face and the
diminishing profit from the sellers work. At this stage in our life,
approaching the mid 50’s, we are going to take over an existing
store. The store is in Payson, Arizona and is “The House of
Amethyst”. We are buying the store and will be changing our business
name to “Galarneau’s Gems dba The House of Amethyst”. Our move in
date is 1 March, 2006. I expect to be fully operational by June or
July. New email adress, mailing adress, and telephone numbers will
be posted on our website ( ) sometime in mid

Why this abrupt change? Our analysis of the jewelry and loose
gemstone market is that the buyers in the USA have changed due to
globalization. US open markets are producing a sharp downward
pressure on my producing my own products competatively in the US.
Profit has been shrinking while my costs of operation are rising.
Time for change, and the one necessary component of change when you
are stepping back is the comfort and security of a retail location.
In our store we will continue marketing both retail and wholesale

Gerry Galarneau

Congratulations Gerry !

Payson is a nice little town…I once thought about opening a store
there. You’ve got a solid local population and lots of summer traffic
from tourism. In a town of that size your service capability will be
welcome. I wonder though how you might be so specific in your
allusion to Amethyst. Seems to me that in a small town you need to
have a more general appeal. No matter; you can always tout 4 Peaks
amethyst inasmuch as it is nearly a local stone.

Good luck !
Ron Mills, Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, Ca.