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Life Long learning

Exploring manufacturing methods at Alpena Community College in Northern Michigan. Also tried welding, CAD systems and 3D printing. Every little bit of knowledge helps me as a silversmith and the program was free.


In my youth, I spent many, many hours in front of a Bridgeport mill; I worked summers during college as a machinist. It’s one of the most versatile and powerful tools ever – even without CNC. I really miss the days when I could just go into that shop and make whatever I needed.

You’re absolutely right, Betsy, that every bit of knowledge helps. I use techniques I learned then to this day.


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I just got home from Touchstone Center for the Arts in the Pittsburgh area. A week long camp on raising copper, which is a something I haven’t done before. So it was a learning experience combined with meeting new people doing different skills- encaustic painting and printmaking - and good food. You can’t get much better than that.


If any of you ever watched MythBusters on TV, you would understand what a maker’s space is. They are popping up all over the country. They club/ family oriented. There you will find all sorts of learning opportunities. Welding, 3D printing, laser cutting, milling, wood working…you get the idea. Ours one of several just in the Orlando Area has every imaginable type of profession covered so you can get some expert advise and instructions on many types of areas. This last Saturday, we had a class on Raspberry Pi, and one of the laser machines. I taught some Jewelry basics. Our resident leather/knife maker was there.

Check out the maker spaces. You would be supporting all ages learning new endeavors. Mostly it is ages from about 20 to 40. But they still allow me in and few other white haired people.