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Hi all,

This problem of things getting broken once thay leave the
workshop also happens to us every now and then.

Claw settings are the headache. I think alot of it comes down to
the fact that customers are wearing their rings all the time and
don’t remove them when carrying out daily jobs eg gardening etc
and expect the ring to take the strain.

If the client hasn’t worn the ring for a while they 'forget’
they have it on, are careless, and cause unintentional damage.

What we do is insist that the clientcarefully checks the
repaired ring before it leaves the shop, we have also doubled
checked it. We guarentee our work but will not be held
responsible for any damage to it once it has left our shop.


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This is a very interesting subject… I have about 3 clients
that I have done work for over the past 5 years or so. They are
SO hard on their jewelry. Prongs wear down in a year compared to
7 to 10 with other customers. Prongs are bent together, etc. I
have even done a custom filegree design that, 2 years later, came
back with the filegree half worn off. What is it with some
people that they are so rough on jewelry. Diamonds are hard but
lets be reasonable!!! I discuss this with them every time they
bring their pieces in and I get this “oh, really” look. I love
these women, they are great customers, but it is difficult to get
it through their heads that even the best jewelry will wear out.