Liability Insurance

Hi guys. I know we’ve talked about insurance issues before
recently (most notably health insurance).

I’m working on a deal with a new outlet, and they would prefer
(require?) that I have product liability insurance.

How many out there have it? I understand the need for slip and
fall insurance for retail places, but what about for other
business types? Can you get just liability? Is it worth it? Is
it ridiculously expensive?

I know I can call Jeweler’s Mutual, are there any other
companies to look into?

Thanks for your help,

We have a half a million liability insurance on anyone who walks
through our door. We also have $30K theft insurance on
merchandise and equipment. Our total cost is $450 a year which
is very good. We were originally quoted over $800 because we are
a “school”, but when the insurance agent came and inspected our
site, he was very impressed with the location of ventilation,
fire extinguishers, a first aid kit, etc., and gave us a much
better rate. Because Metalwerx is an LLC (Limited Liability
Company), my partner and I have $50K life insurance on each

Sometimes I feel like there is a vacuum attachment hooked to our
bank account, but it is all part of doing business I guess.

Karen Christians
416 Main St.
Woburn, MA 01801

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Elaine, I did have insurance for a while through State Farm. It
was not expensive and it met the product liability concerns of a
catalogue company that I dealt with. Unfortunately it didn’t
cover me for theft or weather damage at shows which is what I
really wanted. - Deb