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Letters stamp



I am looking for a stamping block, like a punch to imprint some
letters on to metal. I saw one a while back, and you could create
composition with alphabet caracters. Does any one knows where i
could find such a tool?

Pierre cavalan
bijoutier sans frontieres


Harbour Freight sells inexpensive sets of letter stamps in several
sizes if that is what you are looking for. I have the smaller size,
and have really enjoyed them. DO check the box before you leave the
store to be sure you have all the letters! I checked, and even then
missed that I am missing one letter…sigh…

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Hi Pierre. If I understand you correctly, you’re looking for a
heavy-duty equivalent of the rubber stamp sets that allow you to
create words with moveable type. I think Young Brothers makes
something like this. I know it exists, though. Wasn’t cheap.



try Rosenthal Supply - it’s about 400 bucks last catalogue…but MAKE
magazine may have plans on how to make a press to turn the stamps
Beth mentioned into movable type operation so you could potentially
line up the bars with the letters on them and in one motion (an arbor
press or hydraulic press could be converted by adding a block/strip
of at least 1/8th " or more cold rolled steel with a precisely cut
and spaced strip with a stop above the strip to keep them level and
then one pull and… voila! stamped annealed soft metal)…for under
100 using harbor freight presses and a home store or scrap piece of
steel, precision square and air shears or a heavy duty nibbler (a
metals/machine shop would probably cut the strip cheap).

good luck


I believe someone on Orchid recently was asking about alphabet
stamps with script fonts. I found this web site with many different
fonts while looking for Monogram stamps (which they also have).