Letter stamps- advice

Hi All, I am looking for a source that would have letter stamps with
the letters around 3mm. I want to personalize rings- stamp them on
the surface not the inside. Is this feasible? How would I align the
stamps. I have played around with some that I have and have found it
is very difficult to align them. Any advice would be much

Angie Cousineau

You may already know that Rio and others sell alphabet letter
stamps, perhaps they are bigger than what you are looking for.

You could also make the rings in Precious Metal Clay and write the
words using old typewriter keys, or typesetter’s keys, or
metalsmithing stamps. Then after firing, the clay will shrink about
12%, making your letters smaller.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Certified PMC Instructor

MI would also be interested in if anyone has found a source of
letter stamps that are more decorative than the ones you get from
Airgas, Grainger, etc. Also how have Orchidians found ring marking
pliers to work?

Thanks for any advice you have on this!
Mary Barker

 I am looking for a source that would have letter stamps 

Hi Angie, I recently picked up a set from Harbor Freight for under
ten dollars. I haven’t used them yet, but for that price, couldn’t
pass them up for some unforeseen future use. They’re also advertised
in their latest sale flier.

Check it out on their Web site:

Harbor Freight opened a store in my city last year! Very dangerous
for a tool and gadget junkie like me! :slight_smile:

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)