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Less than good vendor


just completed a less than joyful buy from Samdar International.
While his items are nice his weights of items are less than accurate,
on average.2 to .5 grams on 200 gram lots. The real kick in the head
was no tare for the bag weight. I enclose my quary and his reply. I
would avoid him and have posted Same to our vendors list!



.2 -.5 on a 200 gram lot of handmade sterling or fine silver items
seems normal…but the tare omission is not… for a quick example of
retail standards you may read fire mountain gems catalogue 's
disclaimer on thai silver handmade items… while the quality/purity
of Thai, nepali,N. India even some central and s. american and other
indigenously handcrafted silver is higher than.925 silver (with the
aisian artisans it’s -generally - closer to.999 fine silver -) thus
their +/- % far exceeds your 1/4 to 1/2 gram percentage underrage on
lots smaller than 200 grams. So the purity of silver you recieved
makes up for the weight over or underages on hand fabricated
items.Ask your vendor to calibrate their scales or on international
buys show you a copy of their calibration certificate., and that you
expect a tare of x on all packaging or you can’t do business with
them. make your terms clear and read the FTC regulations and
guidelines on import of jewelry and related items for your own
edification and peace-of-mind. As well, reputable vendors have a
standard return if not satisfied policy…perhaps you should take
advantage of it…If this was your first transaction with samdar give
them one opportunity to correct the situation to your satisfaction
within reason…, just a thought…particularly if it was your first
import deal with them…just curious - how did you come upon that
company anyway?