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Leonid Surpin's DVD's

Leonid has developed 3 DVD’s so far (congratulations Leonid) and has
been touting them here for a while. He is selling them on his

From the sample sections of the DVD’s that I’ve seen, I might
consider purchasing one or more of them if I feel sure that the
value of their content is worth the cost ($42 ea), which is not
insignificant to me. If anyone has purchased any of these DVD’s, I
would appreciate knowing what you think of them. You can email me:
jk at kingdirectemail dot com

Thank you for your help,

Leonid has developed 3 DVD's so far (congratulations Leonid) and
has been touting them here for a while. He is selling them on his

I have to make clarification to keep taxman happy. I do not sell my
DVD(s). I produce them. Selling and distribution is done by
Createspace which is Amazon affiliate. I maintain website simply to
provide on what is in these DVD(s)

As far as $42 price and the value. Before I start producing my DVD(s)
I did some market research. Based on what I have seen, ( I have seen
quite a few ), I would not be out of line pricing my DVD(s) at
several hundred dollars. There are no other material on the market,
nor there are ever been a material on the market, that can match my
DVD(s) in depth and detail of the subject of advanced fabrication. If
you wonder why did I set the price so low, to put it plainly - I am
not interested in maintaining tight circle. That is how these things
were used to be kept. I want to make it available to as large audience
as possible. So if you purchased DVD(s) before in $70 - $100 range,
do not infer quality on the basis of price. You will be shocked how
much better my DVD(s) are. And that is my admittedly bias opinion.

If anybody knows of any book or DVD which would make me to withdraw
my statement, I would certainly would like to know about it.

Leonid Surpin

Leonid’s dvds are great.

Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry LLC