Leonid Surpin on blogtalkradio

Having read Leonid’s posts over the years, it was clear that he knew
of which he spoke. Press a button or two, yes, can almost predict
just whose. OK, informative dialog developed. Get a bit testy at
times, yes, sure did. Basically a lot of good was

Recently Leonid posted an outstanding clip from an exquisite video
he has for sale, showing him fabricating an Eternity Ring. The
generous clip is so impressive that I shared it with Jay Whaley. He
loved it, and has ordered the full blown version, not as a how to,
but as a work of art illustrating what can be done by the hands of a

I work for Jay, and in my line of duties, I seek out and invite
guests for the weekly broadcast interview done from Whaley Studios.
I invited Leonid, and he gracefully accepted. This program was
informative and covered many topics. I know that Jay is a strong
advocate for students really understanding and accomplishing the
basics of metalsmithing. Clearly Leonid does as well.

I know there are many opinions insofar as fabricating jewelry,
listening to this interview may add to them. Try it.

To Leonid, it was a pleasure speaking with you directly, as well as
monitoring the broadcast for the chat room. I appreciate your candor
and extended friendship, thank you.