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Lemon Topaz

Over the week-end I was high bid on an Ebay “live auction.” The
appraisal value on the gem is $1200, but I am suspecting that it
would really be less than that. I only paid $60. Would anyone mind
taking a look and telling me what you think? I’m not asking you to
appraise it, and I know you could not make a really good assessment
without actually seeing the gem and possibly testing it; but I’m
just wondering what your guesstimate is on the value of the gem.
(Just a guess/approximation.)

Here’s the link:

Ebay URL removed - Sorry no Ebay URLs on Orchid

The price I was allowed to pay is so unbelievably good, I’m wondering
if this stone is really citrine?

Donna S.

If the stone is citrine then whatever it is (as the url was edited
out I haven’t got a clue what the stone looked like) then $60 is
probably an ok price assuming it’s more than 3-4 cts. Whoever
appraised it for $1200 was probably way out of line. For topaz (not
citrine) $1200 might be reasonable but you seem to state it was

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140


If you follow the prices that stones are sold for in the live
auctions on Ebay, you should notice that they rarely go for more
than 5 or 10 percent of the “appraisal value.” The listed appraisal
values are highly exaggerated in my experience. Depending on the
stone, you might have gotten a “deal,” or you could have paid too
much. Wait until you get the stone and compare it to other similar
stones selling on Ebay.

Steve Brixner

Chances are it’s probably citrine. Hard to say without seeing it.
Even if it was ‘yellow’ topaz (diffusion treated probably) it would
never be considered worth $1200. Topaz just doesn’t command that kind
of price. I can’t say whether $60 is good or bad for what you bought
without knowing the carat weight, cut, proportions, etc. You could
have a great gem that is poorly cut so you get no brilliance or fire
(or windowing). Most cut for weight which usually makes the
proportions less than ideal. Email me the link off list if you want
me to look.



Well, since Orchid deleted the eBay link I couldn’t eyeball the
stone, but if, as you say, it was supposed to be a citrine there is
no way it was ever worth $1200.00. eBay is replete with charllatans,
particularly those selling gems. Maybe that’s why Orchid doesn’t
allow eBay on it’s site.

Jerry in Kodiak

donna donna donna.

how about some numbers. first of all what does it weigh. what is the

what is the shape. IS IT CITRINE OR NOT.

good citrine doesn’t go for more than 10.00 a carat some times 20 if
its real good. Maderia is another matter etc.

If you need some names of reputable brazillian stone dealers, I am
only to happy to oblige.