Leg in Mouth disease

I have a confession to make.
It’s really rather hard to do, but I think it needs to be done
right away. A couple of months ago in a thread entitled “Wax
cast, Book or Class.” I made a statement, that was an
over-exaggeration, now a very good friend of mine has had his
feelings hurt. Tony Lent, Chairman of the jewelry program at FIT
in N.Y. drives his students to excell. Even if this means
students get offended, I believe Tony does this because he cares
about the students. I had made a statement along the line that
the reason he was this way was that was how his instructors
taught him (In Germany.) Tony is a great guy! I feel devastated
that what I said was taken in a derrogatory way, and I
appologize. My own selfishness, has lead me in several cases to
exaggerate, something I’m working on trying to quit. I was not
offered a job, teaching wax carving, at least not by anyone who
mattered. I’m sorry I lied to you all about that. My biggest
regret is that I hurt a friend of mine in the process, too bad
that won’t undo the damage done.

Tim Goodwin

Hi Tim, I can’t remember the thread or message but I admire your
dealing with it like this, this kind of thing is about the best
you can do in such situations-and we all at some point step into
mistakes (speaking personally of course). Don’t worry and show
Tony your apology.


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hang in there life is like a jewelry making class you keep doing
better and better if there were no mistakes none of us would ever
remake a mold or a piece of jewelry you apoligized lets make a
better PEACE good luck