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Lee marshall's 80th birthday party

For all of the metalsmiths that weren’t able to make it to the
party, I canoffer a short video. It starts out at the Santa Cruz
harbor where we take a ride on Jack O’Neals (wetsuit fame)
Chardonney 11 sail boat. You might recognize some of the
participants, such as:Jim Binnion and Terry, Judy Hock and Randy,
Phil Poirier and Mollie, Brian Meek and Katherine. After the cruise,
we all came back to the shop, where we had lots of snacks,
champagne, wine, etc.

It was a great time and I am now planning my 85th.

Hopefully, you will take a look at

Lee (the saw guy)

Wow, glad I watched. Congratulations on another circle around the
sun. Thank you for all you do.

Well, Lee, Evan and I wish we could have been there. We were there
in spirit and wish you good health and joy and lots more adventures
(some of which we hope will be with us. MJSA in NY???).

Much love,
Linda and Evan

I am so happy this was posted. I so enjoyed seeing Lee, the Binnions
and Brian, as well as everyone else who "roasted Lee. Nice segue
into the 80’s, great place to be.