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Lecture on resin jewelry?

Greetings everyone,

Let me start out with why i need help with resins, My metal
arts/jewelry studio is closing down over the summer because it is
getting moved and remodeled, i had passed along a book to my teacher
about resins ( Resin Jewelry by Kathie Murphy) its a good book but i
would like to see what everyones opinion is working with them, our
studio will still be out in fall but we will have a pseudo lab and
my teacher is going to do a Cold connections class with some resins,
she is still learning about resins herself (like i said i lent her
my book about it). So if anyone has any useful tips, precautions,
suggestions about books, etc i would appreciate it. If you have
allot of experience in it and are in the Chicago land area plus have
some free time this fall i would love to see if i could get anyone
to do a lecture on resin jewelery and/or working with it.


Check out they have had classes in the
past on resin. One was all about color on metal, taught by Cathy
Darlington. It includes paints, resins, Lazertran and I don’t
remember what else.

There may be a class in the near future at a community college in the
Chicago area that would meet your needs. I’ve written for more

And I forwarded your note to the board of the Chicago Metal Arts

Check us out at:


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay