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Leasing an acetylene b tank


I am a beginner in the process of setting up my studio. I am looking
into getting an acetylene b tank for my torch setup. I called my
local welding company and they lease acetylene b tanks at $50 for 10
years. They do not offer their tanks for purchase. My question is if
this would be cost effective over time and what are the benefits
leasing over buying.

Thank you

$50 for 10 years, it’s yearly rental in Australia. The benefits, the
tanks are kept up to spec.

Regards Charles A.

There’s not really an upside to owning the tanks. They have to be
pressure tested periodically (5 year intervals), and the valves
require maintenance. When you get refills, very few places actually
refill, they swap your empty for a full.

Read over the lease agreement. As long as it states somewhere that
things like leaky valves and other tank maintenance issues are
their responsibility; and the company looks like they will be
around for the next 10 years, that’s not a bad way to go…

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL

I don’t know where you live nor the local laws. When living in Canda
I leased tanks for a long time until I got saw the light. Exchange a
tank and ya still get a beat up one. Own one and you are ahead legal.
maybe at extra expense for a hydrosat test. Canadian tanks look just
like US ones, swap a dirty empty for a dirty full one. Smile.

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And the rest. I pay about $130 a year rental on a single oxygen
cylinder and the three industrial gas companies in Australia give the
identical “take it or leave it” deal. I wouldn’t consider using
acetylene or hydrogen here because I would have to pay the additional
cylinder rental extortion. At least we can buy or swap propane
cylinders and not have to pay rental.

I have actually seriously considered an oxy-hydrogen water torch so
that I would no longer have to rent cylinders but the payback period
would be more than 10 years.

All the best

Thanks for all your responses.

Based on the responses I got I have decided that leasing a B tank
would be a feasible option for me. Based on your suggestions and
after doing a bit more research I have found that many company’s wont
refill a tank that does not belong to them. And even if I did buy one
and got it filled, I would probably never see my original tank again.
Leasing would also give me an added level of insurance if there is
anything wrong with the tank.

As I am planning to move from the town I live in 3 months, I have
decided to wait to lease a tank until I relocate. A couple of the
welding companies I contacted have also told me there is an acetylene
shortage so they are not accepting new accounts.

That being said I have decided to go with a small butane torch setup
for now. I see that others have asked about butane torch setups on
the forums so I will look through those to help me make a decision.
If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated as well.

Thanks again

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the update.

Well that price is just balls isn’t it, I didn’t think it was that
bad, considering that you pay the rental even if the tank is empty
for a year. I’m glad I’m still using propane (platinum melting is out
of the question… meh can’t afford platinum anyway).

What I like about owning my propane cylinders is that after the 7-10
years duty cycle I can recycle the cylinders into forges or melting
furnaces (George even figured out a way to recycle them into sand
mullers, but that’s another story).

I can get propane pretty hot, but it does have it’s limits.

Regards Charles

i missed the original post about this, and couldn’t seem to find it
on orchid archives…but thought i’d chime in…

i use a B cylinder, they cost about $100 to purchase (empty). refils
are around $30, and since i’m a part timer when it comes to jewelry
making i don’t have to fill it but once a year. i go to my local Air
gas to get refills, but there are other places that would do it.
also, i set up a business account with them so my price of fuel is
locked…which helps. when a tank is ‘refilled’ you really are just
switching out for a different tank…i think that’s how most places

larger acetylene tanks are also available (and are used at the art
center i go to).