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Learning to use the flex shaft?

Hi all,

Over in the world of metal clay (read: Precious Metal Clay, Art Clay
Silver) some folks are starting to be ready to move more into the
world of metalsmithing skills.

I have been asked to suggest a video on learning to use the flex
shaft. I suggested Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith video might
cover it, and also found the on line videos below.

Does anyone have a good video to recommend?

If you’re so inclined, a YouTube video on the subject would
definitely get some hits.



I couldn’t get this one to play for me, but it’s on the flex shaft
attachment for a Dremel.

By the way, I don’t recommend getting a Dremel. If you already have
one, that’s fine. But if you’re staring new get a Foredom flex

One on “Making Gold Jewelry” which might cover it, I don’t know.

Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay