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Learning to create Flatware

Can anyone suggest resources for learning to create (fabricate,
forge) flatware? Thanks in advance, and for the many insights I’ve
gained reading this forum! Janelle Redlaczyk - TX

One of the best books I have seen was handled by Allcraft and was
titled Flatware Manual. I t was published by Gesswein. Either may
be a source if it is not out of date. It provides deminsions as well
as steps to follow. Very basic stuff so a good place to start. You
didn’t say where you were in Texas but University of Houston has a
great metasmithing program headed by Val Link. Val sometimes teaches
summer classes and workshops around Houston and is always a great
source of for students. FI you need contact infor for
Gesswein or Allcraft I will be glad to look it up just contact me
off list. Frank Goss