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Learning silversmithing in Mexico


In two weeks I start a year’s sabbatical from full time
Architecture… so I’ll (finally) get a chance to silversmith as
much as I want! I’m looking for opportunities to study Spanish (
mine is very basic) and to learn/ work silversmithing in Mexico from
January to May, 2004.

Any leads/ contacts/ suggestions would be very much appreciated.



Try contacting the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende,
Guanajuato, Mexico. This link describes two jewelry courses.
They also have Spanish courses. San Miguel is a beautiful Spanish
Colonial city in the mountains north of Mexico City.

Joel Schwalb


Hi, can’t tell you any specific about opportunities in
Mexico, but I can tell you from personal experience that the
hospitality and generosity you will find from most people in Mexico
is incredible. I spent a lot of time in Mexico during college, and
the silver capital is a little town called Taxco, so you might want
to start by looking for Spanish language immersion programs or
jewelry classes in that area. Even if you end up staying elsewhere,
you should go check out Taxco, just to see it if you are interested
in silversmithing. Beware that there is a lot of “fake” silver there
besides the good stuff. Anyway, my advice would be to start with a
google search on immersion programs near there.

– Leah