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Learning Metalsmithing in Tucson



I’m new to Orchid and to jewelry making. I’ve done some lapidary,
wirework, beadweaving, but want to learn metalsmithing. Is there
anyone here who is in Tucson and teaches metalsmithing? I would be
very grateful for any help.

Steven Yaple



Please contact the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department at 22nd
St. Try to speak with Jeanne McAninch (sp)

They have a very active department with excellent classes.



Hi Steven-

I teach on Monday nights at the Randolph complex (Alvernon +
Broadway) from 6-9 pm. The summer session started a couple of weeks
ago but I am t eaching many “baby beginners” and we have yet to pick
up the torch (we h ave done layout sawing and piercing and filing-
this week some basic su rface decoration and forming)So you haven’t
missed much and could catch up easily especially since you already
have some skills using your hands. I would be happy to include
another student in the class if Parks and R ec will permit- (if the
class hasn’t filled — I think we have room fo r one more)You would
need to call them and see if you could register. (791-4877)-- By the
way- I’m certainly not the only class—there are classes virtual ly
every day at Randolph and I’m sure you will find many other talented
metalsmiths here to help guide you.

Hope this helps- perhaps we will see you in class Monday night! -
Email me off list if you are planning on attending and I can fill
you in on ma terials and such-

Ciao- Maureen Brusa Zappellini



Another option for learning metalsmithing in Tucson is Pima
Community College. They have a beginning and advanced jewelry as
well as a blacksmithing class there. The beginning jewelry and
blacksmithing classes are offered in spring and fall, and the
advanced class is only offered in the spring. I think that they may
be doing a summer session for the jewelry as well. All 3 classes are
very good and based at the west campus. They are also transferable
to ASU if you decide to move on and get your BFA in metals.