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Learning fine silver granulation

Hi, my name is Lloyd, I am not only new to Orchid but new to the
computer. I have been trying to get on fine silver
granulation. I have worked on granulation for some time now and
cannot get it just right.

Has anyone out there that has a video on the subject? When I learn
more about the computer I will try to be a good orchid member.



Ronda Coryell has kindly put up a video on how easy it is to make
Argentium fused granules. I imagine the same will apply to fine
silver. Find it at

Hope this helps.

Ronda Coryell has some good videos on fabrication, fusing and
granulation with Argentium Sterling. I got the videos and like them.
If you want to use fine silver some of the things might be a bit
different but it still might help.

John Dyer