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Learning Enameling

Hi All, I have a friend who is interested in learning how to do
enameling. Since I know nothing about enameling, I am hoping that
you wonderful people could help us out. Is there a good book(s) that
he should get? Is there any suggestions you might give a new
enamel-ist? He has never worked with jewelry or anything, but is
very interested in enamel. thanks so much. zinny

Dear Zinny, Tell you friend who is looking for a beginning enameling
class, to check out the website, And click on
the “guilds” section, for a guild in your area. Some local enameling
guilds offer beginning classes or know where you may learn from a
private party., as does The San Diego Enamel Guild. Happy enameling Steve

H Zinny, Ten years ago, I started enamelling and had no clue how to
begin. I took a three-month (one night per week) “adult education
evening class” on silver smithing, made a burn-out kiln (it never did
work), bought a soft covered book entitled "Copper Enamelling"
published in 1956, two-onze jars of, one each, of flux, white, opaque
blue, red, yellow, and transparent blue, green, yellow, and red; and
finally 40 gauge copper sheet. And then started to read every piece
of work on art history, painting, enamelling, and metalsmithing that
I could find. The local library staff were wonderful. I also took as
many workshops as I could afford. And on weekends I would play and
wrestle. I collected a barrel full of “learning experiences”, but the
struggle was worth it. And because it was I would suggest that your
friend might consider doing some of the stuff I did; with one caveat.
Find a local enamalist who is willing to share his or her experiences
(in my case that was not possible).

Hope this helps.
David Popham,
2004 Artist-in-Residence, Filberg Festival.

Hi Zinny!

Well big question (s) really… you say that your friend has never
worked in the medium of jewelry before… and wants to learn
enameling, so there will be a lot for him to learn… not just the
enameling…( vast subject )… but many aspects of metal as well.

You’ve asked about books… there are many! However there are a few
recently published books that might be of help… and easy enough
to find.

Your friend could check with the suppliers below for many great
enameling books including those I mention in this email…

Enamelwork Supply Co. Seattle WA 9815
Orders: 1-800-596-3257  Information:  1-206-525-9271
For Books, Enamels & Supplies.

Thompson Enamel Inc. :
650 Colfax Avenue, Bellevue, KY 41073 USA

Karen Cohen’s Book, “The Art Of Fine Enameling” good for many
different projects.

Jeanne-Werge Hartley’s book, “Enamelling On Precious Metals” fairly
advanced, very detailed.

There are also many online resources your friend could check out,
like eNAMEL Online Newsletter,

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“Glass One Metal” Website Link:

“Enamelist Society” Website Link:

I would recommend if possible, a class or workshop at a facility
close to your friends location… always good for a bit of a head
start to understanding the processes described in the books. One
place to look for classes is eNAMEL Events Section

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In the end your friend will probably learn much about the process by
time spent in his own studio experimenting… but some good books
and possibly a class or two would be extremely helpful in the

Enameling is a wonderful medium! I wish your friend good luck &
fortune in the process!

Peace & Prosperity
Sharon Scalise

There are some excellent tapes as well books to read Hard fired
enameling a tape 40 mins Stuller number 62-4409 Enamels -enameling
Stuller number 62-4444


I’m starting to work with enamels.

I’m looking at books and also get to Thompson’s class on occasion.

Three books I’ve found useful and inspirational aRe:

Enameling With Professionals by Lilyan Bachrach. She is on Orchid.

Enamelling On Precious Metals by Jeanne Werge-Hartley.


Enamelling by Joan Bolton King.

You can also search for enameling subjects here on Orchid. It is a
topic that comes up regularly. Also in their articles section are
enameling topics. Check out Thompson’s site for info and links.
Also Glass On Metal - a magazine.

One last one - check out the eNamel Online Newsletter. Lots of
inspiration and articles.